Platinum Keyword Branding

Updating and republishing old blog posts with new content and images can increase organic traffic by as much as 111%. Backlinko 2019

A brand keyword is what is entered into a search engine to look up a company. The main keywords are typically ‘name of your company’ and ‘name of your company reviews’.

MassiveBrand.Online always offers a free consultation to determine what brand keywords dominate your online searches. This analysis is crucial in order to determine which Platinum Keyword Branding option best suits your needs.


Month 1 Set Up:


Onboard 5-Star Review Software

Build 2 new branded websites with the domain suffix .NEWS and .BLOG

Create SEO optimized content for your new websites

Purchase and host the new domains on fast SEO rich servers

Bring 5000+ genuine organic targeted Google visitors to your new websites

Post all new articles on .NEWS and .BLOG sites

Monthly Deliverables:


5-Star Review Software

Optimize and SEO .NEWS and .BLOG sites

Publish 2 (articles/profiles/PR/guest posts) on high domain authority sites

Post all new articles on .NEWS and .BLOG sites

Promote 1000’s of visitors to view on topic new articles

Generate organic positive reviews from deliverables above

Dominate – High PR Publications

Our “Dominate” additional services can be added to complement existing packages/services (i.e. Platinum Keyword Branding). These professional articles are published on sophisticated, high ranking websites.

MBO’s large network of veteran journalists and high-profile bloggers who will write on-topic articles designed by our team, thereby controlling the message and where we want them to link to. Our list consists of over 600 media and high-profile article and blog locations within most business categories.

These are permanent articles composed mostly of features and interviews which are far superior to paid native ads at a fraction of the cost.

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