Keyword Crisis Management

The first two pages of Google is the new first impression. With 99% of searchers never moving past the second search page, it has never been more vital to protect and maintain your online presence. If your brand is being pressured by negative listings, forum posts and/or defamation, our Keyword Crisis Management service is your only logical solution. Our robust Keyword Crisis Management campaigns aim to gain complete dominance and control of your search results within a 3 to 5 month campaign.


We can remove most content and complaints from many websites. We can also have virtually any link deleted for your benefit. This means the content and complaints will no longer appear on your website or across search engines. This process typically takes 1 to 2 months. All fees are securely held in escrow and are released when the job is complete. In the rare event that we cannot delete content from a website, we offer the next best thing: deleting (de-indexing) it from search engines. De-indexing is the process of removing links from a listing or index. This means that when we de-index a link, it will no longer show up in any searches, on any page, or any keyword. The link becomes fundamentally unsearchable.

De-indexing and deleting links or content is an essential component in repairing your online reputation. This service makes it so your customers will not find negative posts or comments about your brand through regular online searches. It is possible to de-index most complaint websites, news websites, blogs, forums, and a variety of other links. We use tried and true legal, technical, and monitory measures to assure success in this area.


Our rebrand service is essential if your brand has been irreversibly compromised or is simply feeling dull and outdated. We are here to give your brand the fresh start it deserves. We will work tirelessly to build a strategy within your budget that includes; new brand design and guidelines, website rebuild, press, public relations campaign, branding, social media management, client engagement, and any additional needs you require.

Rebranding strategy has worked for companies both large and small and is a regular part of brand maintenance and longevity. It is a necessary element for brand growth. As times change, so too should brands. With industry-leading knowledge and experts, we can help you and your brand get ahead of the curve with a comprehensive, research-based rebrand.

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